Share Your Experience with Me!


Have you ever had a mystical interlude of your own?

Many people I’ve talked with have reported experiencing one or two mystical incidents, yet not enough to fill a book.

If you are one of those people, consider submitting a description of your experience to shape into a story for potential publication in the forthcoming book, Mystical Interludes II: A Collection of Ordinary People’s Mystical Experiences.



1) Q: How do I know if my story qualifies as a mystical interlude?

A:  For the purpose of reporting the kinds of mystical interludes that occur in the lives of ordinary people, your experience should have some of the following attributes:

It will be described as extraordinary. That is, it falls outside the boundaries of “normal” events because you did not plan or control the event.

  • It fills you with wonder and might provoke questions such as  What happened? Why did it happen? What does it mean?
  • It can expand your awareness by indicating that a spiritual reality exists within and around you.
  • It can be accompanied by powerful emotion and/or a sense of “knowing.”
  • It can transform you in some way.
  • It holds a permanent place in your memory.


2) Q: I’m not very good at writing. How well does the story have to be written if I’m not sure of grammar and punctuation, etc.?

A:  You don’t have to be a “writer” to tell the story about your mystical interlude—write the story down as if you were sharing it with your best friend. Composition, grammar, and punctuation will be edited and refined with your approval. Of utmost importance is (1) the authenticity of your story (2) an accurate sequence of events in the telling of it (3) your signed agreement avowing your ownership of the story.


3) Q: Is it all right to use a fake name or anonymous if I don’t want my name published?

A: A nom de plume is permissible providing that the author signs an ownership agreement in his/her registered name and also takes responsibility for addressing questions that might be submitted by readers. Anonymous stories will not be accepted.


4) Q: Should my story be about a religious or spiritual experience?

A: Our Mystical Interludes for publishing have no religious or spiritual agendas. All mystical interludes, whether secular, religious or spiritual are welcomed.


5) Q: Will my story be published in the next book?

A: Perhaps and perhaps not. It will be published on the basis of maintaining an interesting variety of Interludes for each book’s collection. With your permission your story(s) will be kept on file for possible use in future books. If your story is selected, you will be contacted directly by Emily Rodavich, the editor of the book, by phone or email.


6) Q: May I submit a story that happened to my close friend or relative who is now deceased?  

 A: You may submit a story for a deceased family member or friend if you can obtain the signature of at least one other person who also knows of the event and can confirm the accuracy of your report.


 7) Q: May I submit more than one story?

 A: You may submit as many stories as you like.


8) Q: Is there any other way to submit my story other than online?

A: Yes. You may tell your story over the phone into a recording device. For this option, use the submission form below to send a brief description of your experience. Please include your email address and phone number in your story description. The editor will contact you to set up an appointment for recording your story.


Rest assured: All correspondence sent through this form or mailed to me or is for my eyes only. I will reply directly to the email address or physical address you provide to correspond personally with you. Nothing submitted here will be posted publicly on the Internet or anywhere else, and no story or description submitted would ever be published prior to your entering into a signed agreement with the publisher.